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Dream Catcher Charters COVID 19 Policy

While we navigate the waters of the new way of doing things Dream Catcher Charters is going to be fully complying with measures requested by OSHA and the Sate of Florida to keep our folks that fish with us safe.

These measures will be implemented on a daily basis. We are making it as easy as we can to be COVID - 19 Compliant for those that are concerned when Key West is finally open for business and ready to take in tourists fishing on June 1.



Updated October 11th 2020

October is here and things are getting back to normal in Key West.



- Masks are no longer enforcable by fine or detainment.

- Buisness can ask that masks be worn

- Theaters, gyms, spas and many other personal space businesses are open.


Key West

- Bars, nightclubs are open 100%.

- Wear a mask in businesses and close social proximities.

- After seating in a restaurant you cna take off your mask

- Dream Catcher Charters does not require you to wear a mask.


For Us And Fishing Charters..


The State of Florida and OSHA have required us under section 252.47 of Florida Statute to be COVID 19 Compliant Fishing Charters. Failure to do the following is "punishable" by imprisonment or fine to us for non compliance.

We ask that everyone just play along until they decide this thing is over.


What We Ask Of Our Anglers

1. If you feel sick or have symptoms of the virus please do not come.

2. Please cover up if you cough or sneeze for any reason.

3. Please be considerate of our space when on board our vessels.


What We Will Do For Our Anglers

1. Sun masks will be available per our availability.

2. Make sure none of our guides have a fever or symptoms

3. Have disinfectant soap on all boats.

4. Keep in mind social distancing practices.

5. Disinfect our boats and equipment after each trip.


What Will Be Mandatory

1. Nothing.


For More Important News..
The fishing has been awesome. !!! Key West fishing report


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